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Think On These Things – A Trip Through The Scripture Alphabet

Hello Sweet Souls, Check out this post from Denise at ‘Genuine Poetry’ – may you be blessed and inspired by a trip through the Scripture alphabet. 🙂 Please note: I couldn’t reblog from her site but I pasted the link

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God Values Each Of Us – Your Unique Voice Matters

The body of Christ provides continual inspiration and wisdom toward a godly walk on social media, blogs and in the helpful books they write. Sometimes it’s easy to devalue ourselves by waving off what we have to offer as insignificant

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Bible Study – Trusting God: A Life Without Worry – Chapter Four Review

Chapter Four: Sarah’s Echoing Laughter In chapter four we reflect upon the story of Sarah – a great story showing us that God is trustworthy! In my attention to detail and zeal for the Word, I jumped wildly ahead during the

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#MyWritingProcess Blog Tour

Tag, I’m it! Last week, Susan Irene Fox invited me to join the #MyWritingProcess blog tour (a big thank you again to Susan). Today, in response to her invitation, I’m posting about my writing process (ooh), as well as revealing my

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“Why Are Christians So…” (An Exercise That Will Break Your Heart)

Originally posted on The Real Evan Taylor:
Churches should always be seeking to uncover the questions our culture is currently asking.  Those questions are extremely valuable in helping us meet people right where they are. Here’s a quick and easy way…

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Matters Of The Heart – God Knows Your ♡ Better Than You Do

God knows the state of your heart today and every day. He knows if you’re trying to push through any pain or insecurity. He knows when you’re struggling with sin. He knows if you feel like everyone else has left

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Confessing the Word

Originally posted on Anointed Women in Christ Blog:
Re-posted to remind us that speaking God’s Word over our lives is vital today. by Shemeka S. Barrett  Confessing or speaking words based on the Word of God out loud is a…

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