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Big God – Revealing How To Let Stress Go

Originally posted on Wrestling with Faith – Dancing with Jesus:
One Sunday morning I stood in my church, the lights were dimmed as usual, worship time was an uninterrupted half hour of praise and worship music. It was the time…

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What Do We Do When The Holy Spirit Is Chasing Us Down Like A Cop In Hot Pursuit – Flashing Lights And Sirens Blaring?

If you’ve read my bio or the letter to my old self you know that I’m a messy work-in-progress. Perhaps, you are too? It’s a daily struggle for me. I continue to find my mind, actions, and speech quite unpleasing

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A Letter To My Old Self – #MentalHealth #Suicide Awareness – You Can Make It Out Alive!

Do you know someone who is suffering the crippling emotional pain of depression and anxiety, or struggling through self-harm? Their day-to-day life is harder than you think, I know it first hand. They really need your love and support. Send

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Check Yourself

Please take a few minutes to read this powerful message from Kaelin Edwards – ask God to open your heart as you read and receive this message. God bless you. Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

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Bible Study – Trusting God: A Life Without Worry – Chapter Eight Review

Chapter Eight: David Dances With Wild Abandon In chapter eight we read the story David’s efforts to return the Ark of the Covenant (where the Ten commandments were held) to Jerusalem. It’s a great story showing us that God’s presence

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