Check Yourself

Please take a few minutes to read this powerful message from Kaelin Edwards – ask God to open your heart as you read and receive this message.

God bless you.

Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory


I am a daughter of God, a servant of the Lord, a wife to a patient husband, and a mama of two forgiving boys. God has placed these three men in my life needfully so. I thank Him for them everyday. And like so many of the Lord’s children, I am a work-of-glory-in-progress. I am on a journey to reclaim and renew my life in Christ. It took me 34 years to learn that when nothing else works, God does!

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5 comments on “Check Yourself
  1. Karen says:

    Thought-provoking. Thank you.


  2. rolerrol says:

    Thank you for sharing this very challenging post Jennifer.
    This walk that we walk is not to be taken lightly! It’s a matter of life and death…



  3. […] Check Yourself – It’s very difficult to argue with the opening. […]


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