I’m Featured In Happy Sis Magazine’s Premier Issue – Chasing Dreams

Hello Sweet Souls!

I’ve been featured, along with 10 wonderfully talented Christian women, in the premier issue of Happy Sis magazine – praise God! It’s a beautiful, inspirational magazine focused on helping women in various areas of Christian life. You can learn more about Happy Sis by visiting happysis.com or help support their efforts to bring inspiration to Christian women by purchasing a copy of Happy Sis today!

“A beautiful magazine full of useful tips, encouragements, biblical reminders + spiritual nourishment to equip and guide you as you journey towards achieving your dreams. 60 pages, interactive pdf, instant download, 11 expert contributors, + bonus content. Support Happy Sis Publishing by buying a copy.” – Happy Sis



For further information on Happy Sis click here:
About Happy Sis, About the founder of Happy Sis

Want to write for them?
Learn how to become a Happy Sis contributor

Want free stuff?
Click here for Happy Sis freebies

I pray you are blessed by these resources and hope you find helpful content. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback.


{Personal note: I realize that times are tough financially. Most of us are making cutbacks and pinching pennies. If we’re forced to decide between purchasing food or a magazine (even if it’s only $5.95) – we must EAT! But rest assured Sweet Souls, you’re in good company. The good news is – while keeping in compliance with Happy Sis contributor guidelines – I will be posting my feature for free on my blog around July or August 2015. So, feel free to eat now, you can always read my feature – God-Willing – later this year.}

God bless you!

Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

I did not get paid for this work, nor do I get a portion of any sales. All proceeds support Happy Sis Publishing – expenses, future publications, etc.


I am a daughter of God, a servant of the Lord, a wife to a patient husband, and a mama of two forgiving boys. God has placed these three men in my life needfully so. I thank Him for them everyday. And like so many of the Lord’s children, I am a work-of-glory-in-progress. I am on a journey to reclaim and renew my life in Christ. It took me 34 years to learn that when nothing else works, God does!

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9 comments on “I’m Featured In Happy Sis Magazine’s Premier Issue – Chasing Dreams
  1. rolerrol says:

    Congratulations Jennifer!!
    That is a really big door of ministry for you….God is so good!!! 😄


    Liked by 1 person

  2. vw1212 says:

    Congratulations dear/.vw.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. TeenFaith777 says:

    Congrads!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  4. Deborah says:

    How exciting! So happy for you 😁👏

    Liked by 1 person

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