Daily Word Buddies – January 21 2015 – #DWB2015


Today’s reading: Bible Gateway Old/New Testament 365 Reading Plan January 21 2015

Today’s Old Testament reflection: Exodus 1-3
Finally, in the 2nd book of the OT!
The Israelites Oppressed – Exodus 1 | v.2-5 12 tribes of Israel. v.8 new king who was not partial to the Israelites saw them as threat, too numerous – treated harshly. v.12 the more the Egyptians oppressed the Isrealites, all the more God increased their size. v.14 worked them ruthlessly to no avail. {Can’t fight the hand of God} v.15 King of Egypt ordered midwives to kill all newborn male Hebrew babies but they feared God more than Pharaoh and disobeyed. God gave the midwives kids of their own. v.23 then Pharaoh gave an order to all his people to throw every Hebrew male child in the Nile.

The Birth of Moses – Exodus 2:1-11 | v.1 Moses is from the Levite tribe. v.2-10 his mother circumvented the death order (saved Moses in a basket) and Pharaoh’s daughter took Moses as her own (his mom nursed him & gave him back to her).

Moses Flees to Midian – Exodus 2:11-25 | v.11 Moses saw the oppression of his people. v.12 Moses killed an Egyptian beating on a Hebrew. v.15 Pharaoh found out and wanted to kill Moses but he escaped to Midian. v.21 he stayed in there and married Zipporah and had a son named Gershom. v.23-24 God heard the cries of the slaves and remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 

Moses and the Burning Bush – Exodus 3 | v.1 Moses tended to Jethro’s flock (Reuel in Exodus 2:18?) and led them up to Mt. Horeb (the mountain of God). v.2 God appeared to Moses at in flames from fire within a bush – holy ground. v.7 God told Moses to rescue his people. He is sending Moses to bring them out of slavery. v.11 Moses felt inadequate…wait…but God v.12 God reassured him that He will be with him. v.13 Moses kept saying but God. v.14 God replied tell them I Am sent you. v.15 the God of Abraham,  Isaac, and Jacob. v.16-21 God told Moses exactly what to do and what will happen – they will leave Egypt with silver and gold. 

Today’s New Testament reflection: Matthew 14:1-21

John the Baptist – Matthew 14:1-12 | v.2 Herod thought Jesus was John risen from the dead. v.3-12 recounts John’s beheading.

Jesus Feeds the Thousand – Matthew 14:13-21 | v.13 when Jesus heard of John’s death, He withdrew privately on a boat. v.14 He had compassion on the crowds that followed him, so He healed them. v.15 disciples asked Jesus to send the crowds away to eat because they were in a remote place – no food was available. v.16 Jesus was so calm when He said, “No, you feed them.” v.17 5 loaves, 2 fish – Jesus looked to Heaven (as should we), gave thanks, broke the loaves and handed the food to the disciples, who gave it to the people. They collected 12 baskets of left overs – everyone ate and was satisfied – 5,000 plus women and chidren.


Now, it’s your turn to get involved – your turn to take action! Are you ready? 

                           《—-Start here—-》

A) What popped off the page at you? Share your reflections and insights from these passages in the comments below.
B) Share your reflections and insights from your own daily scripture study – include book, chapter, and verse.
D) Go public – make an announcement on social media using #DWB2015. This will be an easy way to find and connect with other participants – iron sharpens iron!

Please join in and encourage one another – sharing is caring!


Thank You Jesus – I made my 6PM CST submission goal – with a few hours to spare – yay! Thank You JESUS! 


I hope you enjoyed day 21 🙂 I pray God spoke to you while you read this, I urge you to listen to whatever He put on your heart. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. The goal and purpose of Bible study is for us to grow spiritually. I pray God gives us the wisdom to provide mutually beneficial thought-provoking, Christ-like inspiration.

God bless you all!

Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory


I am a daughter of God, a servant of the Lord, a wife to a patient husband, and a mama of two forgiving boys. God has placed these three men in my life needfully so. I thank Him for them everyday. And like so many of the Lord’s children, I am a work-of-glory-in-progress. I am on a journey to reclaim and renew my life in Christ. It took me 34 years to learn that when nothing else works, God does!

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6 comments on “Daily Word Buddies – January 21 2015 – #DWB2015
  1. Does it ever surprise you that Moses felt inadequate? It sure did me. The man who carried the 10 commandments down from the mountain felt inadequate? No wonder we feel deficient some times.

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    • It totally does. He repeatedly said, “but God…”- He felt so strongly that God chose the ‘wrong’ guy to save his people. Imagine if we were in the place of Moses – picture the scene, standing bolding before the Almighty I AM, creator of everything, telling Him, “You’re wrong, You made the wrong choice, this can’t work, I can’t do this! But God…But God…But God….But God…” – Wow! I can’t even fathom that. But as we already know, further ahead in the story Moses finds his groove and begins to exercise his faith muscles. For Moses faith and confidence in God came as a result of trust and experience and it’s no different for us. We have to exercise our faith muscles too. Let’s get out there and flex our faith today!

      God bless.


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      • I have a huge writing assignment and Satan is telling me I can’t do this but I know this work came from God. He says I can do it, he gave it to me, but those voices of doubt are so loud.

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      • Heavenly Father, I lift my sister-in-Christ, Jane, up to You. Put Your hand against the plans of the enemy – bind him Father. Loose her way of escape Father, show Jane the way out of the enemy’s torment, You are always faithful to provide us a way of escape. Let Your voice be louder than the enemy’s. Silence his voice of lies. Father renew Jane’s mind and guard her heart as she completes the work you have given her to do. All these things I ask in the most precious name of Your Son Jesus Christ. I trust You Father, I place Jane in Your ever capable hands and thank You for your provision. I praise You God. Thank You Jesus.

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      • I am literally sitting here looking through tears. Thank you so much. I don’t know how to thank you. I’m printing your prayer.

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      • Love you! (((((——Hugs—–)))))

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