Daily Word Buddies – January 24 2015 – #DWB2015


Today’s reading: Bible Gateway Old/New Testament 365 Reading Plan January 24 2015

Today’s Old Testament reflection: Exodus 9-11

The Plague on Livestock – Exodus 9:1-7 | v.1 “God said to Moses…” v.2-6 all Egyptian livestock will die tomorrow but the Israelite’s animals will not be harmed. v.7 Pharaoh saw this and still didn’t listen.

The Plague of Boils – Exodus 9:8-12 | v.8-10 again “God said to Moses…” soot from furnace – festering boils on Egyptian people and animals. v.11 Pharaoh’s magicians affected – couldn’t stand before Moses. v.12 Pharaoh wouldn’t listen – hard heart.

The Plague of Hail – Exodus 9:13-35 | v.13-14 again “God said to Moses…” tell Pharaoh to let my people go or I will unleash the full power of my plagues upon them. v.15-16 God could have wiped them from the earth but He kept them up for His purpose, so that God would show His power and His name would be glorified in all the earth. – God always has a bigger plan! v.18 worst hail storm ever seen is coming. v.19 God in His mercy gave the Egyptians a tip to save people and animals. v.20-21 those who feared God listened, those who ignored him didn’t. v.26 storm everywhere except Goshen. v.27- 28 Pharaoh called for Moses – I sinned, God is right, I am wrong. Pray for it to stop, I’ll let you go. v.33-35 God stopped storm and Pharaoh sinned again by lying and not letting the people go – hard heart.

The Plague of Locusts – Exodus 10:1-20 | v.1 “God said to Moses…” v.2-6 God’s plans and purpose – if he doesn’t let the people go, locusts will destroy what is left of Egypt. – God kept giving them a day notice. v.7 Pharaoh’s people said, “…do you not yet realize that Egypt is ruined?” – Ha! Ya think?! Great observation! v.8-11 Pharoah said he’d let them go with conditions but guickly overturned it. v.12-15 locusts devoured everything. v.16 Pharaoh said ok, ok! I sinned, forgive my sin, pray for God to stop this and take your people and go. v.18 Moses prayed and God stopped the plague. v.20 again Pharaoh went against his word – hard heart.

The Plague of Darkness – Exodus 10:21-29 | v.21 again “God said to Moses…” 3 day darkness spread over Egypt – a darkness that was felt. v.23 the Israelites had light. v.24 Pharaoh told Moses again they could go with conditions but quickly said no – hard heart. He told Moses not to come before him again or he will die. Moses agreed.

The Plague on the Firstborn – Exodus 11 | v.1 “God said to Moses…” 1 more plague and Pharaoh will drive you out completely. v.2-3 ask for their silver and gold, God made the Egyptians favorable to Moses and the Israelites. v.4-10 all of 1st born of Egypt (cattle too) will die but not the Isrealites. v.8 Moses was a just man, he was hot with anger about what was going to happen

Today’s New Testament reflection: Matthew 15:21-39

The Faith of the Canaanite Women – Matthew 15:21-28 | v.22 Canaanite women cries out to Jesus that her daughter was suffering terribly from demon possession. Demon possession keeps popping up as a real health problem in the NT but I don’t recall it at all from the OT. Hmmm? v.23 Jesus didn’t respond to her, the disciples seemed annoyed with her relentless crying after them, they wanted Jesus to send her away. v.24 Jesus said He was only sent to the lost sheep of Isreal. v.25 she knelt down and begged Him, “Lord, help me!” v.26 it’s not okay to take children’s (Isrealites) bread and give it to the (Gentiles) dogs. v.27 but she argued – “Yes it is, even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the masters table.” v.28 Jesus said, “Women, you have great faith. Your request has been granted.” And her daughter was immediately healed.

Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand – Matthew 15:29-39 |
v.30 great crowds – brought their lame, sick, blind, crippled, mute, and many others to be healed.  v.31 people were amazed when they saw the healings and praised God. v.32 Jesus had compassion for the crowds who followed Him for 3 days – no food. v.33 disciples asked where can we get food – we’re in a remote place. This is funny because they had seen Jesus feed 5,000 already. I can’t believe how much they doubted. They had seen and knew 1st hand what Jesus could do. v.34-39 7 loaves and a few small fish, Jesus gave thanks, broke them up, gave to disciples, then gave to crowds. 4,000 men plus women and kids – all ate and satisfied, 7 basketfuls of left overs collected.

Now, it’s your turn to get involved – your turn to take action! Are you ready? 

                           《—-Start here—-》

A) What popped off the page at you? Share your reflections and insights from these passages in the comments below.
B) Share your reflections and insights from your own daily scripture study – include book, chapter, and verse.
D) Go public – make an announcement on social media using #DWB2015. This will be an easy way to find and connect with other participants – iron sharpens iron!

Please join in and encourage one another – sharing is caring!


Thank You Jesus! I made my 6PM CST submission goal early again today! Let’s keep this going! Thank You, thank You, thank You JESUS!


I hope you enjoyed day 24 🙂 I pray God spoke to you while you read this, I urge you to listen to whatever He put on your heart. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. The goal and purpose of Bible study is for us to grow spiritually. I pray God gives us the wisdom to provide mutually beneficial thought-provoking, Christ-like inspiration.

God bless you all!

Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory


I am a daughter of God, a servant of the Lord, a wife to a patient husband, and a mama of two forgiving boys. God has placed these three men in my life needfully so. I thank Him for them everyday. And like so many of the Lord’s children, I am a work-of-glory-in-progress. I am on a journey to reclaim and renew my life in Christ. It took me 34 years to learn that when nothing else works, God does!

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