Daily Word Buddies – January 27 2015 – #DWB2015


Today’s reading: Bible Gateway Old/New Testament 365 Reading Plan January 27 2015

Today’s Old Testament reflection: Exodus 16-18

Manna and Quail – Exodus 16 | v.1 in desert v.2 complained brought out there to die. v.4 “God said to Moses…” He will rain down bread from Heaven for them to eat only 1 day’s worth at a time, 6th day 2x’s as much for them to rest on the Sabbath – God tests them to see if they will listen and follow His instructions. v.6-8 when the people complain about Moses and Aaron they are really complaining against God’s provision. v.10 Glory of God in a cloud v.11 twilight – meat, morning – bread. v.16 about 3lbs per person daily. v.20 some paid no attention to God’s instructions. v.22 two days worth, about 6lbs for both the day before and the Sabbath. v.26 6 days you gather – reminds me of Matthew 12:1-8. v.28 “God said to Moses…” how long will they not keep My commandments? v.31 called bread manna – Hebrew for ‘what is it? v.15 white and tasted like wafers made with honey. v.32-33 save 3lbs of manna in a jar, place it before the Lord, show generations to come that God provided for them in the wilderness – God can do what He pleases – see Exodus 16:20-21;24 – manna can rot or be preserved as He pleases. v.34 Aaron put the jar with the Tablets of the Law to preserve. v.35 the Israelites ate manna for 40 years.  

Water From the Rock – Exodus 17:1-7 | v.1 Rephidim v.2 no water, quarreling with Moses again (but really they were testing God) v.4-5 Moses went to God for help – God helped them again – Moses used staff of God to strike rock for water.

The Amalekites Defeated – Exodus 17:8-16 | v.8 Amalekites attacked the Isrealites v.9-13 Moses stood on top of the hill with the staff of God in his hands, as long as he holds his hands up, Joshua would win against their attackers. Aaron and Hur hold Moses’ hands up and Joshua defeated the Amalekites. – everyone needs help sometimes. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. Moses was no exception, we’ll see that in the next section as well. v.14 God will wipe the Amalekites them out, He told them to write it down for Joshua’s encouragement. v.15 they worshipped God – the Lord is my banner.

Jethro Visits Moses – Exodus 18 | v.1 Priest of Midian, Jethro – Moses father-in-law – heard what God had done for Moses. v.2-5 Jethro came with his daughter (Moses’ wife) and 2 sons – Gershom & Eliezer. v.7-12 recounted what God had done, sacrificed and offered worship to God. v.13-15 Moses stood as judge for all the people – liason between them and God. v.17-27 Jethro offered advice to avoid burnout – a lesson we could all learn. Like Exodus 17:9-13 everyone needs help sometimes.

Today’s New Testament reflection: Matthew 18:1-20

The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven – Matthew 18:1-5 | v.1 disciples asked Jesus who is the greatest in the Kingdom? v.3 unless you become like a little child (His little ones) you will never enter it – perhaps, it’s about how a little kid is very dependant on and has everything to learn from his parents – so do we from Jesus. v.4 whoever takes the lowly position of a child is the greatest. 

Causing to Stumble – Matthew 18:6-9 | v.6-9 see to it that no one causes the little ones (His children) to stumble. Woe to who and what causes you to stumble – don’t be the cause – E.V.E.R. – it’s better to remove a body part that makes you stumble than for the whole body to enter hell.

The Parable of the Wandering Sheep – Matthew 18:10-14 | v.10 see that no one despises the little ones (His children) their angels in Heaven always see God’s face, see also Luke 19:10 – something to think about huh? v.12 100 sheep, one goes missing, you’d leave the 99 to go find it, and then rejoice greatly when the one lost sheep is found. v.14 God is not willing that any of ‘His sheep’ – any of US- should perish (2 Peter 3:9).

Dealing With Sin in the Church – Matthew 18:15-20 | v.15 if a brother or sister-in-Christ sins, point it out privately between the two of you – if they listen you won them over (gain a bro or sis) v.16 lf not, take 1 or 2 witnesses to establish testimony (Deuteronomy 19:15). v.17 if they still refuse to listen, bring them before the church. If they don’t listen to the church, treat them as a pagan or tax collector. {but we are to love all, so how would our treatment toward them differ if they were a stranger, heathen, or brother??? This is where theology beliefs get blurred sweet souls. Some think Jesus treated everyone no matter who or what they were with love – like, “He hung out with sinners, so can I.” But it’s alot more than that, He knew their sin but called them by name out of it, and truthfully it never once says they continued their sinful lives…period…let alone while in His presence – so, why would we think it’s okay to? Then, you have others that read this and think Jesus treated sinners as shunned outcasts. I don’t recall Jesus doing the later, I think He shared the Good News equally. Seems to me that He only differentiated the hard-hearted hypocrites from the humble hearted ones. We’re all sinners and at some point we were all unsaved. If Jesus would have treated us poorly, as unwelcome outcasts, would we really have wanted to be saved be Him? I don’t think so!} v.18 bound on earth is bound in Heaven – when we make decisions based on God’s Word, which we know is done in Heaven, then as the ‘Our Father’ prayer says, “His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” So if we judge rightly accordingly to God’s judgment in the Word, we’ll have the boldness to deal with sin in the church. v.19-20 Jesus makes a point to say, “again…I tell you that if 2 of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done by My Father in Heaven. For where 2 or 3 are gathered in My name, there am I with them.” I pay attention to everything Jesus says, but you better believe that I pay full – ALERT – attention when He repeats Himself.


Now, it’s your turn to get involved – your turn to take action! Are you ready? 

                           《—-Start here—-》

A) What popped off the page at you? Share your reflections and insights from these passages in the comments below.
B) Share your reflections and insights from your own daily scripture study – include book, chapter, and verse.
D) Go public – make an announcement on social media using #DWB2015. This will be an easy way to find and connect with other participants – iron sharpens iron!

Please join in and encourage one another – sharing is caring!


Thank You Jesus! I made my 6PM CST submission goal again today with hours to spare! Thank You Jesus, we’re on a roll!


I hope you enjoyed day 27 🙂 I pray God spoke to you while you read this, I urge you to listen to whatever He put on your heart. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. The goal and purpose of Bible study is for us to grow spiritually. I pray God gives us the wisdom to provide mutually beneficial thought-provoking, Christ-like inspiration.

God bless you all!

Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory


I am a daughter of God, a servant of the Lord, a wife to a patient husband, and a mama of two forgiving boys. God has placed these three men in my life needfully so. I thank Him for them everyday. And like so many of the Lord’s children, I am a work-of-glory-in-progress. I am on a journey to reclaim and renew my life in Christ. It took me 34 years to learn that when nothing else works, God does!

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