60 Christian Character Builders – 15 – Diligent


My Authorized King James Bible (Copyright 1989 by World Publishing) has a wonderful character builder in the back – 60 Christian Character Builders (Copyright 1992 by World Bible Publishers, Inc.). Since we just finished 30 sayings of the wise from Proverbs, I thought it appropriate to continue to build upon that sure foundation with more character building. I don’t know about you but my spiritual life has been electrified – set ablaze with fire from the Lord these past 30 days. I don’t want to stop. I desperately want God to continue to pour His Spirit into us. I pray you feel the same. Will you join in on this journey?

Each day has a specific character quality and scripture verse to meditate on. If you have a Bible concordance (in the back of your Bible or a detailed separate book) you can do word studies to look up every verse of the Bible with your word for the day. Then spend time in prayer and seek guidance from the Lord about how this word relates to your character. God is faithful. He can help us attain the Christ-like character we desire, especially because we do so to bring Him glory. Get serious Sweet Souls. Dig in. Seek Him diligently. He won’t disappoint. I’m praying for you. God bless you.


Let’s begin:

Character Quality 15 | Diligent

Working hard to do my best for the Lord.

Colossians 3:23 (AKJV)

“23 and whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;”


What did your word study reveal?
Were you convicted by the Spirit?
Did you pray for God’s guidance concerning this particular character quality?
What is one thing you can do today to incorporate this trait into your reality – right now?


I hope you enjoyed Christian character quality 15. 🙂 I pray God spoke to you while you studied your word for the day, I urge you to listen to whatever He put on your heart. Remember, God is faithful. Lean on Him during this process of growth and renewal. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. The goal and purpose of Bible study is for us to grow spiritually. I pray God gives us the wisdom to provide mutually beneficial thought-provoking, Christ-like inspiration.

God bless you all!

Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory


I am a daughter of God, a servant of the Lord, a wife to a patient husband, and a mama of two forgiving boys. God has placed these three men in my life needfully so. I thank Him for them everyday. And like so many of the Lord’s children, I am a work-of-glory-in-progress. I am on a journey to reclaim and renew my life in Christ. It took me 34 years to learn that when nothing else works, God does!

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