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Guess What Today Is – January 20 2015 – 1 Year Blog-iversary

Hey, Sweet Souls, guess what day it is? It’s my blog-iversary! So, I received a little reminder from WordPress this morning – today is my 1 year blogging anniversary. Wow! I didn’t realize it was today, let alone that it’d

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Growing Gifts To God – January Harvest – #GiftsToGod2015

Sweet Souls, it’s the already 20th already! The first month of 2015 is more than half complete and February is peeking around the corner. Can you belive it? Time flies! When I was a young kid, 15 minutes seemed to

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A Year In Review – What Can We Give To The One Who Gives Us Everything? #GiftsToGod2015

As 2014 comes to an end, I pause to take inventory of everything God has provided this year. Answers to prayer, both great and small. Needs met in unconventional, unexpected, yet amazing ways. Food, clothing, and shelter provided. The gift

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The Truth About Judging – Overcome Evil With Good

Please take a few minutes to read this article: Stop Judging Christians Who Look Different Than You via It’s a great reminder that we are all works-in-progress, individually running the ‘glory to glory’ race God has set before us.

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My Life = Worship – It’s Here, It’s Here – It’s Finally Here!

Sweet Souls, As you read a few posts ago, July has been a month of trial and growth for me. I was slack and unfocused but God set me back on His course. I’ve been fully focused on completing a

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God Values Each Of Us – Your Unique Voice Matters

The body of Christ provides continual inspiration and wisdom toward a godly walk on social media, blogs and in the helpful books they write. Sometimes it’s easy to devalue ourselves by waving off what we have to offer as insignificant

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#MyWritingProcess Blog Tour

Tag, I’m it! Last week, Susan Irene Fox invited me to join the #MyWritingProcess blog tour (a big thank you again to Susan). Today, in response to her invitation, I’m posting about my writing process (ooh), as well as revealing my

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